Lava enhances the preciousness

Magma Luxury is a luxury brand involved in the production of jewelery made from the combination of lava stone, precious metals, such as gold and platinum, and precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, gold nuggets, etc.

Lava stone is an extremely incredible material: its structure, its shape and its color manage to give even more prominence to the materials I have just mentioned.

It is very curious how something so common and sometimes ignored, like lava stone, can give all this value to gold or diamonds... a paradigm that should make us reflect also in human relationships and in everyday life.

Who's behind Magma Luxury

The jewels are unique pieces and are made entirely by hand. They are the result of a complex and innovative artisanal production process which is carried out in the laboratory in Valguarnera Caropepe (EN).

These are unique jewels of their kind in the world and were conceived, designed and created by Andrea Giarrizzo, an entrepreneur and strategic consultant with a notable creative, playful and ingenious streak, who wanted to try his hand at a new stimulating challenge: bringing lava stone in the jewelry scene, overcoming its most relevant critical characteristics and making it precious.

Linkedin Andrea Giarrizzo

The experiment

By studying the materials and experimenting with new artisanal processing techniques for lava stone, Andrea managed to give the stone and therefore the jewels:

  • resistance: if the jewel falls, it does not break;
  • smoothness to the touch: when the jewel rubs in contact with the skin it does not scratch and does not create abrasions;
  • water and liquid resistance: the jewel does not absorb liquids such as water or sweat, for example and can be worn even when you get wet.
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